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Looking for a doujinshi

Hello everyone, people!  Please, help me! I'm looking for a doujinshi, pairing Turkey/Greece, rating M. I can't remember the title, I can't remember the website where I've read it, I remember only the...plot. Uhm, well, the plot doesn't exist, but the story is about a young Greece that come in the bedroom of an asleep Ottoman Empire. Greece has got a knife and try to kill Turkey, but Turkey wake up and... Rape time! is coming!  Well, is there someone who knows this doujinshi and can give me link? Thank you in advice.


USxJapan Doujin help?

Hi, I'm looking for a Hobby Hobby doujinshi called "SoLowで候"
I remember seeing it posted before but its been taken down before I even got the chance to read it. The last time was on a tumblr blog named loosesocksundearrings but the whole blog is gone now. Would really appreciate any help! Thanks

Thanks cappuholic! :D

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Hello! This is a sort of cross-posting, for those of you who are not members of the hetalia main community, or at least don't make note of posts there!

tl;dr: I'm one of the new main comm mods and because the initial main comm mod also made and is supposed to be running this comm, however went MIA, I'm taking charge, myself, so please see the text left outside of the cut for what you should now doCollapse )

Because I cannot simply place myself into the position of mod and fix everything manually, however, this community must be closed until further notice(AKA when we hear from youkofujima!)

-From now on, please take any inquiries, questions, and searches for back to the hetalia main community!
-Please properly tag the entries with only "community: q&a" in that community to avoid cluttering the other tags!
-If you have any questions please contact me in this post or on my journal, or in this entry on the main community! Thank you for being part of us!

Tagged with everything, which I wouldn't normally do, to ensure(or hopefully ensure) that it's seen! Regardless, anyone who I find posting here will be redirected by me or someone else.

lost fanfic

can anyone help me find that fanfic where America, Italy, and Japan get flung into an alt universe where America doesn't exist and Cuba's the bad guy?
i've been offline and it's driving me crazy not knowing what happens ;_;

solved! thank you!


Hullo again.

I was wondering if "Dearest" by BLISS was ever scanned/scanlated? I know DEAR was.

Any help is appreciated.


Looking for fanart again orz

It's a very funny one in fact.
It's like, a 'chain-reaction' image. There's Belgium with a pokerface, trying to put cat ears at Spain, while Spain's holding Romano's leg while Romano's trying to charm Belgium, put ends up with a WTF face, we don't know if it's because Belgium's with the cat ears or because Spain's attached to his leg like a lifeline. The scene repeats infinitely.
Yes, I think I didn't make sense.
Hullo. I'm looking for some MADs. One is a Hetalia version of this:

It focuses on Russia.

The other MAD is about Russia also... he keeps making a huge ladder to get away from all the stupid other countries, but when the ladder is so high he realizes how alone he is. But he's too high up and all the other countries have to work together to get him down.

Any help would be great ;~;

Famous women in the History

Hello everybody!

Can I ask a small favour?
I'm planning to write a fanfiction multichapter about women who have contributed to write the history of Nations or that are very important or influential for their Coutries (for example, Queen Elizabeth I of England, Joan of Arc of France or Queen Margrethe I of Denmark).
Each chapter will be devoted to a woman and her Nation, she must be a real person, not a character of a novel. Obviously she must be a positive figure (but I'm curious to know about also bad women who shocked or "has hurt" their Coutries like, maybe, Elizabeth of Barthory for Bulgaria).

Can you help me and tell me the name of famous women of your home Countries? In particular, I'm looking for women of European Countries. Can you link a web page with biography)

Thank you very much! ^O^

Gakuen China cosplay (Urgent)

Does anybody happen to have a Gakuen China cosplay laying about at home? I am already looking for one on ebay and other sites and I have another cosplay I'm already working on so I can't sew both.

There's a con April 13th to April 15th, three days long. I have planned three different cosplays, one for each day and would love it and be so happy if someone had Gakuen China available!

Preferably a larger size (Not the slimmest around) but I'm not fat either. Just.... L or something.

I would really appreciate it if someone could help me!


Assistance please!

Hey everyone! I came across a piece of fanart today that I am completely in love with. Very in love...specifically with the right side of the photo but the problem is that I can only find the smaller version! Could anyone help me find a larger version of this? I can't even find the source.

The person who posted it said it was from photobucket but I cannot even find it there...

You would forever be my hero if you could help me out!